I’m super excited to now have Jason Dickenson added to our Athletes page!! Jason and I have similar stories.  However, he’s an Ironman and almost all his lifts and race times are bigger and faster than mine!  I’ve got some catching up to do!! I’m really excited to have met Jason on twitter and look forward to trading training tips with him and having him contribute content to the site!  Give him a big welcome, and keep an eye on the athletes page to keep up with his progress.  Here’s a bit about Jason:



Overweight and out of shape in Oct. July 2010.  Decided it was time to change that.  Ran in high school but was never amazing but I loved it so that’s what I went back to.  Signed up for a half marathon and started running lots and lots of miles with no crosstraining.  Ran 15 miles in my training before the half and went ahead and signed up for a full.  Some friends of mine kept pestering me about crossfit.  I was too close to the marathon to jump ships but I promised I would start after the marathon.  Ran Oklahoma City Memorial in 3:59:22.  Then I started crossfit.  Went in with strong lungs and legs but weak upper body.  Couldn’t even do a pullup.  Started to see results quickly and kept running.  Got into triathlons too.  Did my first sprint in March 2011.  14 months later I was on the starting line of Ironman Texas.  In between those I also discovered CFE.  Worked CFE training in with my normal crossfit at that point and continued to see results.  I always did real well in low weight met cons but still lacked real strength.  Then I discovered Outlaw training.  I now do what I consider to be a hybrid between outlaw and CFE.  Basically, I do a lot of olympic lifting and squats with some killer met cons and still run 3 times a week (mostly speed work, intervals, and time trials).  This combo has worked really well for me.  Here are my most current stats:
  • Houston Marathon-3:39:24
  • Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon-1:33:39
  • Baton Rouge Turkey Trot 5K-19:05
  • Ironman Tx-14:55:02
  • Capt’N Carls Mule Shoe Bend 60K-9:58:34
  • Longest run-63 miles-Ran as part of a relay team during the Capital to Coast 223 mile relay.  Ran my legs consecutively to see how far I could make it.
  • Fastest Mile-5:12
  • Back squat-350
  • Bench press-230
  • Clean and Jerk-220
  • Deadlift-420
  • Fran-5:20
  • Front squat-300
  • Grace-2:43
  • Helen-8:30
  • Overhead squat-170
  • Power snatch-160
  • Also rode several century rides and last september rode 500 miles from Colorado-New Mexico border to New Mexico-Texas border in 5 days.