So this summer we went on vacation to Pensacola Beach and I left my Vibram Five Fingers there.  It was awful because I really loved training in those shoes.  Weightlifting was great, MetCons were great, the short runs during MetCons were great and I even did my POSE drills in them.  Anyway, since I left them in Florida, I’ve pretty much been training barefoot.  So tonight thanks to Breakaway Running and Faction Strength and Conditioning I have a pair of these bad boys to try out.  I trained in them this evening, did a bunch of snatches and deadlifts and they were very comfortable.  I felt very stable.  Not much different from the Five Fingers.  I did a few short POSE drills and I think I might be able to run a lot more in these than I did in the Five Fingers.  I never felt comfortable running any distance in the Five Fingers, and always preferred my Nike Frees.  I think these shoes are the perfect balance (pun intended) between the Five Fingers and The Nike Frees.  Like I said, I haven’t done a lot of training in them yet, but I’m really looking forward to lifting and doing some POSE stuff in them.  I will probably even take them on a short run to see how they do.  I can’t wait!  Thanks again, Breakaway!!  Stay tuned for more results with these shoes.