Life seems to renew again in the spring.

The older I get, the newer life seems to be. I have more of an appreciation for the small things as the years tick by.

As a teenager, everything was important. Getting a driver’s license, sports, girls, reputation, college, clothes, music, etc.

In my twenties, life seemed to revolve around starting a family, financial responsibilities, success, buying a home, making grown-up decisions and trying to figure out who I wanted to be.

I barrelled¬†into my thirties like a fiery meteor of stress. I was in a world that I didn’t understand with a business that was too big, a family life that was too stressful, a future that was too uncertain, a phone that rang too often, bills that were too expensive, jobs that were too big, responsibilities that were too great, and a drug habit that cost too much.

Today, in my forties, everything seems new. The world has slowed to a manageable pace. I can breathe, so long as I remind myself to and I don’t try convince myself that I am the center of the universe. I have awoken to a world where the only real important things are getting kids to events and health.

It is freeing feeling to know that staying alive and getting kids to school on time are the two most important factors to living a successful life. The rest can pretty much all fall to hell and as long as I am putting forth an effort, I will probably still have people muster a few kind words at my funeral.

So many things seem new because so many things are surrounded by less stress. I think that the dark and dreary days of winter have a way of camouflaging a degree of depression and making life appear more difficult than it really is. That all goes away with the sunshine and life seems to renew itself.

The sun is out.

Life is good.

I will work as hard as I can and sit when I need to.

I will try to enjoy the experience of doing the same thing today that I was doing fifteen years ago but seeing it from a different angle.

It’s hard to believe that I used to make the same things that I am doing now so much more difficult in the past.

Every day, all things are new again. This should be fun.

Try to make it a good one.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,