In case you didn’t know, my Wife and I welcomed our new little baby girl into our family on the Friday night after Thanksgiving, Murphy Elizabeth.  6lbs 15 ounces. No, we did not name her after Crossfit WOD’s. 🙂

We went into the hospital on Friday morning at about 4 am, and didn’t come home until Sunday afternoon.  Since then I’ve been trying to adjust sleeping time and gym time.  Last week was ok.  I got to the gym 3 days, but I was feeling pretty sluggish.  I’ve been sleeping from 11pm to 5am then hitting the gym.  So this is 6 hours as opposed to the 8 hours a night I was getting.  We are getting more comfortable with the new routine though, and this week I’ve been doing pretty good.  I’m still feeling a little tired, but after a couple of more weeks things should level out I think.  Today’s workout looked like this:

  • Snatch 1RM (3 attempts)
  • Clean & Jerk 1RM (3 attempts)
  • 8 HSPU EMOM 6 min
Snatch is very weak. I worked up to about 105.  My best is 125 and I’m not really sure I’ll ever get much more than that.  I just don’t really train the lift enough and honestly I’m not too worried about it.
On the clean and jerk, I worked up to 185lbs. this morning.  On a good day I could get 195, but 185 was it this morning.  Not bad, that’s my body weight. 🙂
HSPU’s…meh.  You’ll notice a pattern with me if you follow this blog long enough.  Any kind of pressing movement just isn’t my strong point.  HSPU’s, Push Ups, Bench press, overhead press.  All of the above are just weak movements for me.  I powered through this one this morning.  8 strict HSPU’s are tough for me.  Really tough.  Then the metcon:
3 – 8 min AMRAPs; rest 8 min
  • 8 Clean + Thruster @ 60% of Thruster 1RM
  • 8 Toes to Bar
  • 50 Double Unders

Right now I’m following the “Competition WOD” at the Faction Strength and Conditioning site.  The WOD’s take forever.  So this is an 8 Minute AMRAP.  You do one 8 minute round three times with 8 minute rest between each round.  So, roughly 40 minutes of a workout rest and all.  I was able to get through 2.5 rounds the first set, a little more than 2 rounds the second set and only 2 rounds on the third set.  105lbs on the Thruster weight.  They got really tough and I broke them up into 2’s.

Anyway, glad to be back blogging, and very glad to have this new edition to our family: