When is it time for new carpet?

Carpet will continue to function for an indefinite amount of time. It will absorb stains, hold odors, and endure all sorts of wear and tear. Carpet is made to be walked on, but needs a certain amount of care to maintain it’s integrity. The more it is trampled upon, the dirtier the shoes, the heavier the traffic, all affect the lifetime of the flooring.

So, why not just change the carpet as soon as it becomes soiled?

There is an expense involved in putting in new carpet. There is a sense of normalcy that comes with seeing the same floor everyday when you return home. There is a certain amount of work involved in rearranging your house in order to complete the installation.

There is preparation.

There is planning.

There is effort.

There is indecision.

There is work.

Character defects are similar to old carpet. Sometimes, it just easier for me to harbor all the old, dirty, stinky, and unsightly things about myself then it is to go through the inconvenience of making any changes. I grow so accustomed to my shortcomings that I accept them as part of my life.

Why should I need to change?

I have been this way for years. I get so used to seeing the same thing when I look in the mirror, it becomes difficult to see the blemishes that have been accrued.

Maybe, it’s time for a little remodeling. It’s a good to day to clean house and breath in some new life. It’s a good day to reorganize some things. It’s a good day to make your environment a little neater, a little nicer, a little more inviting. It’s a good day to rip up some old habits and start installing new ones.

It’s a good day for new carpet.

Have a good day.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,