Lift Heavy Run Long® #68- Sam Renfrow

The Right Thing

I do not want to be writing this today. I don't want to do anything. I'm fatigued, I have been eating poorly, I am sleepy and I have no motivation. I just want to lay in bed and hope that life will deliver happiness and prosperity to my pillow. That wouldn't be right,...

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"There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience" --French proverb My pillow is a destination. At the top of my bed, there is a base, a place where I go to check-in on myself. Within the two softness of the rectangle lay the area for the silent confession. The pillow...

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I have always felt that the goal was to be comfortable; to work my way into a position that I didn't have stress or concerns. Today, I feel differently about that. I had a mini-breakdown yesterday afternoon. It was typical and short-lived, but it was intense. I have a...

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LHRL #67- Brian Williams & Sean Hilsdon

Brian Williams and Sean Hilsdon were our guests on Lift Heavy Run Long® #67. They are organizing a trail race for October of next year, and we discuss what we can expect. I am probably looking forward to this race more than most because I know these guys personally,...

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Rushing Around

Nothing ensures a delay in progress like my being in a hurry. I wish there were a statistic that shows the negative relationship between me trying to speed things up versus the efficiency in getting things done. When it comes to deadlines or things which I deem...

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It is not so much the medicine I need, but the poison I need not. Over-use causes inflammation. Sugar increases anxiety. Sodium increases blood pressure. Fried foods raise cholesterol. Processed foods cause fatigue. Hormones cause weight gain. Alcohol leads to...

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