I once put eleven coats of paint on a single bathroom wall over a three day period.

I decided I wanted to paint the wall. I didn’t just want to do your typical “roller and brush” style painting, I wanted to sponge-spackle-gloss-plaster-home depot-youtube-kinda weird paint. It turned out terribly. The eleventh coat sucked just as hard as the first. It was important for me to tell people that I had painted my bathroom. I wanted to be a “handyman” a “do-it-yourself-er” even if it meant doing a crappy job.

I have done a lot of things around the house and have tried a lot of projects. I feel like I have tried just enough crafts to know that I am not good at most of them. I think that getting older with age has brought me to appreciate that and respect those who are good at what they do instead of trying to resist it and getting myself into the home-repair albatross.

Acceptance is freedom. Knowing my shortcomings is essential in refining my talents. Sometimes it is wise for me to spend time strengthening my weaknesses, especially if they are needed in the same arena as my strengths; sometimes is just best to let the painters do the painting.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,