I’m unstoppable in my pajamas.

My PJ’s are my power suit.

My pajamas to me are what:

The shiny glove and the sparkly socks were to Michael.

The hair grease was to Tito.

The rhinestones and the tassels were to Elvis.

The cape is to Superman.

The mask is to Batman.

The flat-top was to The Boz.

And the sword was to He-man.

When I get home, the hay is in the barn, and it is time to relax, this is when I shine the brightest. Nothing is better than a warm shower, a comfortable couch and warm set of pajamas. It’s hard not to boil over with gratitude when I stop to look around at all that I have been given, the ride I have been afforded, and all of the excitement I get to enjoy. There is no better time to appreciate life than when the work is over and it is time to throw on the pajamas.

I think the trick is to find the same excitement, the same gratitude, and the same amount of gusto putting on my work pants as I do my pajamas. There is a good life available, I just need to stay focused and keep hunting it down.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,