Our children have very different personalities- very different but seemingly rather consistent.

Our son needs to know what is going on at all times. He needs a plan, a counter plan, and a contingency plan. He is a preparer, a thinker, and a worrier. He wants to know the details and the drill. He has a need to know what events might transpire in the immediate future and what we will do should those things occur.

Our daughter couldn’t really give a shit less. As long as there will be a seat next to Amanda and some candy within the next twenty-four hours, she has no worries. She goes with the flow like Nemo. All the time, just rolling with the punches.

My personality is not nearly as consistent as my children’s. Hell, my personality doesn’t really seem as consistent as anyone who I know that is not currently in a mental facility or takes their meds on a regular basis. I feel like my closet is chauked full of different personality outfits, like some kind of bi-polar Batman or something. Like an enormous closet of cheap suits, each one containing different qualities and characteristics, my personalities are to be chosen and worn each and every day. Every morning, I tell myself that I am going to be more like this or less like that, but I inevitably jump out of character and act differently than I had scripted.

It’s hard to decipher if I have one personality and many different moods or many different moods dependent upon the current personality. Either way, I think its great that we are all so very different. I have a habit of feeling as if the world would be a better place if everyone would just act more like me, but the reality is that I find myself drawn to conflict and would never allow this to happen. I think I have a need to clash with differering personalities and contradict popular opinions. I believe it is in my nature.

As I shuffle through my closet of personalities this morning, I want to be aware that each of them are sewn with conflict and decorated with differences. They were designed to go with as well as to clash. Everyone’s personality is brilliantly made but they don’t always match. The problem might not be the outfit as much as it is the lighting. Different personalities look many different ways depending on the temperature of the room and the people occupying it. What looks like a personality stolen from the closet of Lady GaGa might look more like an Ann Wilder original depending on the people surrounding you.

Dress proudly and do not be afraid to stand out. Our personalities weren’t designed to fit in at every party or to go with every color. Each day involves a certain amount of risk but also the possibility of greatness. Put on your best personality and wear it with confidence.

It’s going to be an outstanding day.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,