It’s all pretty petty at the end of the day.

My deadlift means very little when my car won’t start.

My car not cranking pales in comparison to getting a foreclosure notice.

A foreclosure notice would be welcomed when put up against a call from a doctor saying that they had bad news.

Bad news from a doctor would mean very little if it was about me versus getting information that my child was very sick.

The news of a sick child would not be near as bad as the idea of losing one.

Most all of what I deal with is so petty but I make it all so real. If I don’t have something big and dramatic to worry about, I create it. It’s hard for me to understand this until I take an honest inventory of the situation. It could all be so much easier if I allow it.

Friends, family, health, and spirituality=Real

Everything else=Petty

Most of my concerns are comical when looked at from a distance. If the situation isn’t comical, the idea that I can control the outcome is.

Relax and enjoy.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,