Pedro was pissed. It was hot, the day was long, and he was working on his day off.

I didn’t have to ask what was wrong; I already knew. Pedro was tired. We were both tired. I work hard….but not Pedro hard. Nobody works Pedro hard. He gives it everything. All of it. Pedro is the Mark Allen of manual labor.

I remained quiet while I performed my work and tried to keep a respectful distance from my long-time friend and associate, so as not to encroach on his responsibilities. As the day was coming to a close, I took some time to appreciate how pissed-off Pedro was at the moment.

He was not pissed because he was pouting.

He was not pissed because he was privileged.

He was not pissed because life was being unfair.

He was not pissed because it was hot.

He was pissed because he was tired. There are few things that I appreciate more than a person who is willing to work themselves into a state of fatigue that simply leaves them pissed. I was never one of those guys. There is a difference between pouting because you feel privileged and working yourself into a state of exhaustion that leaves you too tired to be anything but pissed.

You see coaches respect players on the ballfield when a little extra back-talk is allowed because the player has given his all. You see fathers of young men allow an extra curse word or the flinging of a helmet because the child has exhausted himself, pissed. You see mothers withhold a spanking and allow the tantrum because they know their son or daughter is simply worn-out. You see bosses allow the lashing out of employees because they acknowledge how hard they are working.

Pedro is not an employee; he is a friend. He is a role-model and someone whom I respect greatly. He is a teacher.

On the drive back to the shop, I took an extra glance at him as he cuffed his brow and tried to discreetly catch some sleep. I asked myself if there was anything in my life that I was willing to work as hard at accomplishing as Pedro does at everything.

When was the last time that I had really given my all?

When was the last time that I had worked towards something with such intent that the only thing left was to feel angry and tired?

What is it in my life that is so important that I would be willing to work myself pissed?

It’s a valid question.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,