I worked out this morning with a friend of mine who I admire as much as anyone I know. Afterward, we were discussing “life stuff”. He is in a season of his life that I can’t even imagine- multiple kids in college with others heading that direction, family members growing old and health in decline, cars breaking down, pipes leaking, mortgages, rent, tuition, job stress….you get the picture.

As I was trying to empathize the best I could with his situation (which I have no experience) I couldn’t help but appreciate all of the efforts he was making to maintain his sanity. The importance he placed on his family, his fitness, his health, his social network, and his spirituality were all things that he was consciously trying to improve.

I tried to do my best job of listening but I certainly had no advice to give him. Standing there with one finger up my nose and the other hand scratching my ass, I said the most profound thing I could think of….

“Duhhhrrrr, keep plugging away at it.”

While my words were far from profound but his response contained wisdom. My friend’s reply was “It’s all you can do.”

I wanted call time-out and think about that for a second. “It’s all you can do.”

I knew immediately that my friend would make it through his season of difficulty with grace. Anyone who has the belief that the only thing to do when life gets tough is to “keep going” is going to be just fine.

He believes his only option is to just keep “plugging away”.

The first thing I start looking for when life gets tough is a way “out” not a way “through”. There are plenty of things you can do besides facing your problems. My friend has options. He can…

Turn to Xanax to make it softer.

Turn to opiates to make it easier.

Turn to alcohol to make it less real.

Turn to pornography to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Turn to credit cards to try and buy some momentary happiness.

Turn to pizza and cake to try and find some comfort.

Turn to anger to try and become a victim.

Turn to blame and try to put it off on someone else.

Turn inside and try to hide from it all.

Turn away and ignore the reality of the world around him.

Not this guy. If I know a person is being pulled through the wringer and they believe that the only option is to “just keep plugging away at it.” I am keeping them close. There is a lot to learn from someone who walks through it instead of trying to tip-toe around it.

Keep plugging away at it.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,