Post-It Notes were invented by accident. They were a result of hard work and failure to achieve a specific purpose.

As the story goes, Post-It Notes were a project assigned to a chemist at 3-M who was tasked with the responsibility of making an adhesive for the aerospace industry. Clearly, his project was not going to hold up to the task of space travel. Through the failure of the original project, another chemist began using the adhesive coated sheets of paper as bookmarks in his hymnal. Post-It Notes were a success…. and the result of hard work and failure.

Mark Twain once said, “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.” I like his way of thinking.

Now, I am far from the most successful person in the world, but I am most certainly ignorant, I am confident things will work out, I work hard, and I am not afraid of failure.

The lesson here is “Keep Working”. The only thing that doesn’t work is not working. Granted, you can’t just continuously hit your head with a hammer and expect to strike gold but if you keep swinging and trying different things you are bound to strike something of value.

Working works. Not working does not. Discouragement is optional and failure is part of the job.

And at the risk of being annoying-motivational-cat-poster-quoter-guy, I will leave you with my favorite quote of all time:

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,