Spending time with my kids doesn’t necessarily make me a good father.

Writing doesn’t always improve my ability to convey a message.

Exercising doesn’t invariably make me healthier.

Having priorities is important, but simply sticking my face directly into each of them will not undoubtedly have a positive effect. Priorities and actions are not in perfect balance. It is not an elementary equation, it is a highly complex algorithm. One that I don’t think will ever be perfected, which is what makes us human.

Getting some rest doesn’t require laying in bed for forty-eight hours, getting fit doesn’t involve three hours per day in the gym, and being a good dad doesn’t mean trips to Disney World and parties with ponies, princesses, and game trucks.

The simplest way for me to handle my priorities is to simply approach life with gusto. When I am full of gratitude, by default I have energy, with energy comes optimism, and with optimism comes drive. Combine all of these things and you are left with gusto. Gusto is the all-natural prioritizer.

When I spend too much time attempting to prioritize, manipulate, and control outcomes, I am generally left with an overwhelming mountain of chaos and confusion. However, when I combine gusto, good intentions, and grace, things tend to work themselves out.

Good intentions and gusto are the catalysts for yielding positive results in my endeavors.

I am responsible for the gusto.

God supplies the grace.

This system is far from perfect, but I have had less successful approaches to life, that is for certain.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,