Earlier this month, my mom had an emergency that required some attention. Later that week, my dad had an issue which caused him time in the hospital. I recently had a week-long vacation. Upon returning from vacation my partner’s wife had a tumor removed which caused him time off work. Last week my mom had a minor surgery and needed care. Today, my dad is having a procedure done and needed some help.

All of these things throw off my work schedule and upset my deep-rooted selfishness. Being thrown off schedule disrupts my ability to work and with my ability to work being thrown off then my security is affected. My first instinct is to become frustrated and fearful at all of the things that I am not going to get done in the timeframe that I planned on completing them.

This is so strange when I step back and take a look.

Why do I work?

Security and the ability to take care of my family.

When do I feel most secure?

When I am in the presence of family.

So, here is sit with the opportunity to feel perfectly secure while taking care of my family and I find I way to turn it into a problem.

It’s amazing how I can take a pleasure and see it as an inconvenience. Having the opportunity to sit with my mom and dad over the past few weeks I have enjoyed conversation and time spent with each of them as much as I ever have. I have had some of the best moments that I can remember and have shared some priceless laughs. I have the opportunity to be of service and get to realize how nice it is to have the luxury of time off of work to be with the people that I care about. It’s not all the time that the opportunity to “Do the right thing” is presented so clearly.

I think that I get so wrapped up in the “Importance” of work that I forget why I work in the first place. I get so involved in the hustle of life that I forget why I am living it.


Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,