Last week, I worked out really hard, drank too much water, and got too hot. I pulled over and barfed behind some cypress trees. I felt much better.

I cleaned out the clutter that has been sitting around my shop for years. I feel better.

I went through my drawers and pulled out all the tee shirts I never wear. I feel better.

I called a friend and got honest about some feeling that I have been keeping to myself. I feel better.

I chose to disengage with some relationships which seem to be toxic. I feel better.

From the Latin purgare, meaning “purify,” purge is used as a verb for removing impure things. Of course, there is a level of responsibility that comes with purging things from your life (and certainly your body). But, I think that often times I don’t realized how much of a load I am carrying until I push it away, and look at it from afar.

I tend to think I will be happier with more, when what I really need is less.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,