Ahhhh…race week.  I love it.  My schedule is something like this:  I’ll Squat 5×5 on Monday, Do some sprints on Tuesday, Do a Tabata run on Thursday, Rest Friday and kick ass on Saturday.

There’s just something cool about race week that I love.  Just chilling out, putting my game face on and preparing mentally.  I know I’m not in the Olympics or doing anything really fantastic, but I approach all of my races like they are very important events.  There’s no reason to do it if you aren’t going to take it seriously right?  I still enjoy it and have fun, but I do take it very seriously.  I’m going to try to beat as many people as possible.  I’m going to try to beat my last 50K time.  I compete against everyone and most importantly myself.  I’d love to post my race report here with as close to a 5:30 50K as possible.  That would be seriously awesome.

Edit:  Uh oh…Coach just changed things up.   Squats and Snatches Cleans tomorrow…Fran on Wednesday!!!  Woah… ( I love it that my coach texts me the night before race week to tell me the program has changed…)