It seems in retrospect at the end of the year, lots of people are very negative on how the last 365 days happened. I have been one of them. But going into 2018, I was hopeful. Well, I was summoning the ever bit of hope I could. 2017 was a very hard year for me, so coming into ’18 was bleak, but I changed my outlook.

In 2013 when I started CrossFit, I was new into my fitness adventure. I was excited about this new found lifting life I had, and I set my mind then that I wanted to be a badass Masters athlete. So fast forward to 2018 — This was my year! I turned 40 on the first of May. I had the worst winter of my life: dealing with hormonal imbalances, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and depression. But I decided: actually set my mind to: this was going to be a great age for me. In April I had ran my first half marathon, competed at my forth powerlifting competition and begun my biggest and best Highland game season yet. I didn’t say I won anything, not even close, but it was really GOOD for ME. I was crawling out of my slump. And to top it off, it was the month I found the Lift Heavy Run Long podcast, #92 Annie Gunshow. I knew her from my last CrossFit competition and wanted to know what she had been up to since moving to TN. Hearing Wilson Horrell say the words “Join our community on Facebook because we want you to be there” peaked my interest. Right there driving down the Interstate, I joined the community. Then it was: “We have an app! For only $3.99 a month you can have access to the best running coach Valerie Hunt with running and lifting programs” I WAS SOLD.

I loved the community and saw how positive everyone was. I got on the app and felt immediately welcome. I had fitness programs online for years before, but never with a community aspect. I was only on there to check in to one person before, but with this new COMMUNITY INTEGRATED fitness program, my fit life changed.

I wanted to meet this community in person so I emailed Wilson and started a dialogue that would accomplish that when I was going to be nearby for a Highland Game that weekend. I visited Olive Branch Crossfit and had breakfast with the crew. I was so excited to be a part of this awesome thing!

I ran more races and did more Highland Games and finished more books this year than in my entire adult life. Looking back it was extremely successful. I started blogging this “life update” in November. I stated how I hated Novembers, but this one was different. I always dreaded holidays but Christmas this year was the best one I’ve had since my parents passed away over 10 years ago. I had a scary breast exam that lead to more testing to find that it was benign. I have been so blessed in 2018 that I KNOW 2019 will ride out to be an awesome year.

2018’s highlights include my 40th birthday party. PR’s on weight over bar, heavy weight for distance & Bass Pro Half Marathon. Racing with the LHRL crew: especially Brian Swanson and the group photo.

Next year I’ll be at Swamp Stomper (25k) in January. And Tunnel Hill (50) on the 9th of November (It will be my 10 year sobriety anniversary that day too! What a way to celebrate and kick November in the ass!). I’ll be at a handful of Highland Games in between as well. If you want to join me in throwing heavy weight just let me know! Until we meet again, PEACE.

Crystal Irwin Landers
Instagram: crystal_pistol78