I have so much to go, so many more miles to run! So much more weight to press and squat and pull! Two years ago I was a stranger to the person I am today. I met my husband a few years ago. He would invite me to watch him workout in the park. His dog and I would watch him lap the park track and rep some push-ups, squats and pull-ups, then squeeze out more laps. It all looked so intense…and so unlike me. As I watched him, along with any fit boy or fit girl It’s as if they’d been doing it all their lives. I told him that as he flipped tires. He laughed and asked me for probably the millionth time if id like to jump in. I looked at the smaller tire in the corner and thought, “me? Flip a tire? I can barely touch my toes…im 317 pounds… I don’t look like the type to flip tires for sport!” he smiled. I felt comfortable around him. Even comfortable enough to make a full of myself by flipping a tire. so I did it. AND I LOVED IT! I flipped another and another! I was so tired! So sweaty and nasty. But it was so self-rewarding, so accomplishing! It was like I just saved a freaking baby out of a burning building! I looked in the mirror at my round face, my soft dainty hands covered in mud and the wears of the tire. I was a beast!
The next day I tried a squat. Perhaps I was a little ahead of myself after the success of the tire. I was horrible, but I didn’t give up! The next I tried deadlifts! Then cardio! Boy did I hate cardio; that is until I looked at the scale! Just like that five pounds was gone! I followed his workouts the best I could until I was confident in what he’d shown me. By then I sought out information for myself. I found a love in compound crossfit movements and a bit of strength training for the core lifts. Turns out fit men and women do have a beginning…sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away that the journey itself firsr fades from practicality and then from your reality. I am yet to reach that light. I don’t think it’s ever meant to be reached. But when I look back now, torward the darkness that contradicted the reality of this journey, I see it to be much farther away than that light in which I chase!

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