Mood/Reflections: This one is a little hard to explain. Last night when we finished recording the podcast, Amanda told me that I was very “clear” or had a lot of “clarity.” That’s how I feel these days more and more. “Present” might even be a better word for it. I feel as if I am participating in my life more than I have before. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Training:  I am not training today in any purposeful way. Yesterday I spent about 5 hours helping my parents move stuff out of their house and throw a bunch of stuff away. Honestly, it was exhausting. This morning they still had just a bit of garbage to throw out so I got up early and went down there and piled it in the truck and took it away for them. It was technically about a 20 minute workout for me. I don’t want to sound like a weeny but I’m spent and need some rest. Moving all that stuff yesterday and this morning just took a lot out of me. Today I’m just happy to sit behind a computer, hydrate and get some work done.

Enjoy your day…

-The Rev