Mood/Reflections: I’m excited! Feeling really good about how things are progressing. I’m being very cautious about proceeding, but got to do some really fun stuff today. Very positive progress.

Training: I coached the early AM classes at Olive Branch CrossFit again today. I started the morning with 20 minutes of ROMWOD, then coached the 5 and 6 AM classes. After that I got in some Single Leg RDL’s with two Kettlebells. I did 5 sets of 5 per leg. 3 sets with 20lb kettlebells and 2 sets with 25lb kettlebells.

Last night while I was coaching my kids class I hopped on a set of rings and noticed that I could do ring rows without any discomfort or pain (woo hoo!). So this morning after the RDL’s I added in 5 sets of 5 reps of nice solid ring rows. They felt really really good. I still have basically no pushing strength in my right arm, but being able to do ring rows without any pain or discomfort is super positive. I’m happy about that for sure.

-The Rev