I’m a very sad and pitiful case of someone who still lives in the “Glory Days” of their high-school experience. It’s borderline ridiculous.

I had a lot of fun in high school. I had a great deal of experiences. I formed a lot of relations, got in a bunch of trouble, played a lot of sports, won a lot of games, and lost a whole bunch as well. I did all these things while wearing red.

Our school color was red. Red is an emotion. I believe that the world is comprised of different emotions that produce images made of color. When I see people, I see colors (not in a psychic, trailer on the side of the highway, for $20 I will tell you your fortune kind of way…I just feel a color.) Color is comprised of temperature and each of us brings a certain level of heat, energy, and emotion with us.

I want my color to be red. I wear red whenever possible. I use red when I have the option. And, I try to see the red in others.

I know what it looks like when gray walks into a room. I know what it feels like to wake up with only black and white. I have experienced enough blue to last many lifetimes and I have had periods of yellow that I would rather not be reminded of. Whenever possible, I dress in red and I want to bring that into the room.

It’s gonna be a good day today, Red.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,