The laws of the road are merely suggestions if you don’t get caught ignoring them.

I wonder who came up the first street sign. At what interstate, in what town, and for what reason, did someone push hard enough for there to be a sign created to tell the people how they should drive. I would have been pissed off if I was use to riding my horse, pulling my wagon, or driving my car a certain way, and I woke up to a sign on the road telling me that I had to drive according to it.

I accept all of the road signs that are in place today, because they have always been there. I don’t feel like they are rules being forced upon me, as much as I feel that it is just the way things are. The signs are in place for safety- built around experience, knowledge, and information about the tendencies of other drivers. They have been placed there and modified, through trial-and-error, based on the incidents and accidents that occur at different points throughout the road.

I accept the signs that are in place today because of the conventional wisdom which has led to their use. But, what if all of the street signs were removed tomorrow and a new system were put into place (a better, safer, and more efficient system)? Even with the knowledge that it was for the greater good and my increased safety, I would most likely resist. I would feel threatened. I would be appalled. I would get defensive. I would feel like I was being dictated.

Many times, I don’t appreciate change, even when I am fully aware that it is for the best. Often times I feel as if it is not my idea, or I am not in charge of it, then it is not worth the effort.

Lots of pride has been swallowed to accept the laws of the road. Much acceptance has taken place. Many feathers have been rustled. Many town hall arguments have been won and lost. At the time, the change probably seemed personal and was rather offensive, but we don’t remember all of that. We simply continue going through our day obeying the existing street signs and waving our fists at the new systems being put into place.

Is all implementation at first dramatic before accepted?

Is it ever accepted, or do we just move towards the newest drama?

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,