I have always felt that I was designed for a life of leisure. I would function best if I had servants to throw open my curtains in the morning, people to draw my bath, seamstresses to make my clothes, and chefs to prepare my meals.

Amanda and I began watching The Queen on Netflix. It is pretty good. It’s basically about a bunch of young, rich people with accents who are descendants of old, rich people¬†with relatively good hair who are trying to decide who gets to make the rules. It’s all about who is in charge and who has the final say. It’s a bunch of smiling on the front end and gossip in the back. It’s not much different than most social circles and, at the end of the day, equally as silly.

It seems like we all want to be descendants of royalty, but even those descendants can’t be royal enough. With the exception of having someone to bring me breakfast-in-bed and people to follow me around with silver trays of scotch, I have all of the power of the Queen of England, should I choose to use it. My power might not spread any further than my living room or my work truck but I am as “in-command” of my life as the Queen is of hers.

I have a tendency to think that circumstances need to be different before I make proclamations congruent with the things I want in my life. I have an even worse habit of believing that someone else is responsible for making the rules which allow me to pursue the things I want in life. I use the excuse of needing more money, education, contacts, or experience to keep me from moving forward.

Today, I’m gonna swing by Burger King, get me a Whopper and a crown, and order life to give me what I ask for….and right after that, I will begin working towards those things. One of those plans is bound to work.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,