There’s a woman I know. She’s a super accomplished trail runner, mountain runner, #doepicshit runner.  She blogs on her own here:  She’s going to run a marathon at Mt. Everest this year; from base camp down the trail.  Her blog will have you wanting to run trails and miles more often.  I remember something she wrote years ago that has carried me through a lot.  “Run the mile you’re in”.

When the going gets tough, don’t think about how many more miles there are, how big the next hill or mountain to climb may be, run the mile you’re in and do the best you can.  I have used that saying more often in areas of my life that aren’t running at all and it never fails to help me remember that nothing will suck forever.  Think about that.  Nothing sucks forever.  It may feel like it at that moment but nothing ever does.

All the spring miles on roads and trails will be adding up.  Injuries will happen and we’ll have to remember that things may not go according to the plans we make but we have to run the mile we’re in.