Thank you for your interest in becoming a premium member of Lift Heavy Run Long®.

Here is the deal:

Lift Heavy Run Long has grown beyond our wildest imagination and between the relationships formed because of the LHRL® Podcast and LHRL® Community we want to continue the ball rolling in the direction of positivity and encouragement.

We encourage you to sign up for a Premium membership and take advantage of all of the programs we have to offer. That being said, our ultimate goal is to provide the opportunity for anyone who wants access to fitness and encouragement to have that ability without regard to exclusivity or finances. This is why we offer the LHRL® Daily programs to you free of charge.

Full-Access membership

  • Ability to choose your own programs based on your goals.
  • Freedom to subscribe or unsubscribe to whatever program we have to offer at any time (can only subscribe to one program data at a time).
  • Access to the greatest endurance trainer in the world, Valerie Hunt of RunRx.
  • Progress reports and data logs
  • Access to Video Galleries including barbell movements, run drills, recovery/mobility and injury prevention.

Free Version of the LHRL® App

LHRL training plans combine strength and endurance to get you to the finish line stronger and faster while staying injury free! The goal is to include 2-4 strength workouts/week as part of your training plan.  Our programming starts with weightlifting first then finishes with conditioning. During the lift, you focus on form and weight. This is the Lift Heavy portion of your training. Then, turn on the clock for the conditioning! Combining bodyweight to barbell combinations to test and increase full body strength, speed and endurance. Warm up and recovery workouts are also included on the LHRL app!
Plan includes:

-3 Bodyweight exercises per week
-4 Weightlifting workouts/week
-4 Conditioning workouts/week
-Video Demos of exercises