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We have a ton of really cool stuff going on with LHRL. We have a wonderful new fitness app with group training and scheduled workouts, a quality podcast, a well-established blog, an ever-growing collection of informational videos, a list of generous vendors willing to offer exclusive discounts, and a library of helpful and interesting articles ranging from inspirational stories of transformation to informative running and lifting tips to race reports generated by our members.


We would like to keep all of our content as inexpensive as possible but the bottom line is that things cost money and the time and effort that goes into releasing the content are immense. The LHRL Community has enriched so many lives and we want to continue this trend and see it grow larger and stronger. We are enrolling members at a cost of $3.99 per month which will include everything we have to offer with the exception of programming packages and merchandise.

What You Get for $3.99/Month

  • Access to the LHRL Training App and Community
  • Regular weekly workouts which can be done from your home or home gym (no equipment necessary.)
  • Access to our trainers with any questions or concerns you might have.
  • Continued access to the LHRL Podcasts, archived episodes,  and soon to be recorded VIP remote podcasts for members only!
  • The Breakfast with Beefcake blog archives
  • Video library including tips on lifting, running, recovering, and drills to make you as fast and strong as possible with minimal injuries.
  • Exclusive LHRL discounts to vendors in the fitness community.
  • Library of articles helpful, informative, and inspirational articles written by contributors to LHRL.
I really like the app. It is easy to figure out. I also like that the calendar breaks the workouts down for you so you can check them off as you go. The YouTube videos are really helpful. So awesome job. I can imagine it takes a lot of work putting something like this together. Kimberly Bittman

Shoutout to Valerie Hunt for teaching me the Fall-Pull technique for improving overall run form and speed. I set a PR in my last marathon with my longest training run being 13.1 miles. Taj Rockitt

12 minutes of RunRx bodyweight strength programming on the LHRL app is a great way to start the day. Looking forward to a full week of strength training and running. Brenda Haskill

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