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Lift Heavy Run Long is a community of athletes whose primary goal is to support one another at the gym, races, and events. Historically there has been a divide between people who lift and people who run, with most people choosing one camp or the other. As beliefs and training techniques have evolved, there has been an ideological shift in the way lifting and running is incorporated into fitness. At Lift Heavy Run Long we simply want to embrace and encourage the movement, and the different approaches to overall health. We want to see as many people as possible enjoy the benefits of both running and lifting, as well as the difference it can make in their lives. There are so many healthy activities to be enjoyed, and no “one size fits all” approach as to how to approach them (regardless of what people might try to tell you). We want to encourage people to get out and live life. Whether it’s walking into the gym for the first time, or signing up for that race you have been wanting to run. We hope that maybe you can identify or be introduced to some of the supporters of Lift Heavy Run Long or simply recognize some friendly faces. We know how miserable fitness can be when doing it alone, and how wonderfully exciting it can be with a community of friends who support you.

The mission of LHRL is simply this:
To Inspire. Be Inspired.

We created the LHRL Podcast with the intention of finding inspirational people who are leading lives of fulfillment. We are in constant search of those who are leading a life of “bliss”. We define bliss as “what you do with yourself if time and money were not factors in how you choose to live your life.” We want to learn about these people in hopes of inspiring ourselves as well as the people around us. Thank you for being a part of LHRL