Some of my unhappiest times have been when I was most secure. My depression was greatest when I had the most money, my business was functioning independently from me, and most of what I had asked for in life had come to fruition.

I don’t guess I can really explain it, and I don’t think that I really need to. It might have been just coincidence or there might have been something to it.

I believe that there is a level of fun within adversity that makes things exciting. Sure, it would be easier if we were guaranteed that we would make it out of the adverse conditions that we were facing, but “easy” is not good for me either.

I have never experienced any significant growth while being comfortable and I have not known lasting happiness with great amounts of security.

Not everyone is like me (thank God), but I need action, I need risk, I need vulnerability, and I need fulfillment. It is hard to acquire these things while also being 100% secure.

If I want security, I can sell off all my stuff, buy some bread and water, and live the rest of my days in a bomb shelter but I don’t think I would be happy there.

Embrace adversity.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,