I had a problem.

Actually, it wasn’t a “problem” at all. It was a question.

There was something that I couldn’t figure out regarding some audio equipment. Now, I know very little about audio equipment, and have been working with it for a very short period. However, my expected level of ignorance did not stop me from being unbelievably frustrated in my inability to get the solution to my question. I googled, I youtubed, I read the manual, and I pontificated. I, naturally, went to self-degradation….

“I’m so stupid.”

“I’m in over my head.”

“I have always been a slow learner.”

“Why do I always get myself in situations like this.”

“The whole world knows I am an idiot.”

So, finally, I got in touch with the smartest person I know. This is a person who has relatively extensive knowledge about the equipment I am working with. I told him my dilemma. Guess what?

He didn’t know the answer either.

Suddenly, I was excited about finding the solution. My troubleshooting became a fun adventure. It was now a learning experience. I was faced with a challenge. The whole situation was an opportunity to better myself.

And, then I realized… all of my frustration, impatience, excitement, and eagerness was based upon a comparison to someone else, as well as my perception of how the world viewed me. It was really a sad ordeal.

Most of my self-worth comes from comparing myself to others. I will never win that game. Contentment cannot be found under these conditions. Comparison to others is an arena that I should never enter. When I compare myself to others, even if I do measure up, I will always create a superior being in an effort to suppress my own self.

Comparison is counter-productive.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,