It snowed in Mississippi yesterday. It doesn’t take much to shut things down in the south. The ice makes the roads difficult to travel.

Lots folks think that they know how to drive in the ice because they have experience driving in the snow…but then again, lots of folks think they know lots of things.

Believing that you know how to drive on ice because you have driven in snow is similar to believing you would have been a hero inĀ Operation Desert Storm because you make pretty sand castles at the beach. Sure, there are some similar elements, but the natureĀ of the task at hand is an entirely different monster.

I guess we all want to be good at something. We all want to possess knowledge and skills that other people don’t have. We all want to boast that we can accomplish something that other people can’t because of the experiences we have had to endure.

It is one thing to believe that you know something, it is another to make it a point to prove to the world that you have the knowledge; that is when accidents happen. There were lots of people trying to show that they know how to drive on the ice yesterday, there were also lots of accidents.

I need to be careful of the things I think I know. Lack of knowledge combined with a false sense of pride is not only embarrassing, it can also be dangerous.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,