Beefcake #6

I hate my septic tank.

There is something wrong with it.

I don’t understand it.

I don’t trust it.

Actually, I’m not really sure if anything is going on with it or not, but it’s the first place I turn when something is not acting right with my plumbing. I have a toilet that is “burping” whenever I flush it. I have called a plumber and he is coming out tomorrow. I waited to call the plumber because I wanted to worry about it. I wanted to let my mind sift through all of the worst case scenarios and decide which one would be my fate. Chances are, it’s probably a plugged vent pipe or clogged drain pipe that can be fixed with minimal expense. I just don’t know.

I saw a commercial once, it had a backhoe and men working, warning of the tens of thousands of dollars that a bad septic tank could cost you. This is the extent of my knowledge of septic tanks. This is not the first or the tenth time that I have gotten all worked up about a fictional septic tank issue. I have been blaming toilet and drain irregularities on the septic tank for 13 years…and never had a problem with it. I have created more imaginary issues, situations, and financial problems based around this septic tank, and truthfully, it’s never given me any problems at all. I have a tendency to drift to worst case scenarios, and this is no different.

You wanna know why I really hate my septic tank?

It’s because I don’t understand it. I really don’t understand how it operates and exactly how it functions. I don’t have the necessary knowledge to have a good understanding of precisely how it works. I don’t worry, fear, hate, or feel as strongly about the other components of my house, because I know how they work. I have a better understanding of them. I can generally fix most things around the house, or at least I know who to call. I don’t have this comfort and security with my septic tank. I don’t know who to trust to repair it or judge if it needs repair. This is why I hate having a septic tank.

I wonder how many of the feelings I have towards my septic tank are echoed in society. I’d like to know much of this sort of thinking goes on in the world. I’m curious as to how many people have a dislike or hatred towards certain groups or individuals simply because they don’t understand how they operate, how they function, and what it is that they do. How much hate is really just a lack of understanding directed towards certain groups of people, whose purpose we don’t fully understand. I wonder how much animosity is formed because of a lack of information. I want to know how many of us really have the desire to understand how and why people function the way that they do, and how many are like me, simply to lazy to put in the effort to try to understand. I can learn about my septic tank, but it’s easier to hate it.

I don’t have to like my septic tank, I don’t have to appreciate my septic tank, and I don’t have to understand it. What I do know is that I need it, and would be in a load of shit without it.

Have an awesome day.

Word to your mother.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,


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