Amanda pronounced death on a pair of my tennis shoes. I have worn them too many times without a layer of socks and the stinch has become too much.

Socks are a pain in the ass. I rank the act of putting on socks right there alongside brushing my teeth, applying deodorant, making my bed, and rotating my tires. It’s a maintenance step. Maintenance, to me, is a hassle but a necessary evil.

Their have been areas of my past which have become soiled, soured and started stink equally as bad as my newly retired pair of shoes. There is daily maintenance required to make sure that my life doesn’t start to stink in a similar fashion. My maintenance comes in the form of meditation. I must get still at some part of my morning if there is any hope of my taking the rest of my day in stride.

Setting aside a time to get still everyday can be a nuisance, it is seldom convenient, and I am almost never excited about it. However, meditation is what keeps me fresh. It helps to ensure that my soil doesn’t become soiled and begin rotting away internally.

It’s a minor investment, putting on socks and meditation, but if I don’t perform both, the world around me is a stinky and rotten place to be.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,