It’s serious when I put a new sticker on my car.  I don’t just stick them on there because you give them to me.  I’m really excited about…socks.   About two weeks ago I got some compression socks and some short running socks from SwiftWick.  I have never had compression socks before, and was always kind of skeptical about them and wondered if they really worked.  Well now I know.

I’ve always had small issues with my lower legs.  Particularly this year coming off of a LONG strength building cycle and not having ran for a long time.  My first running workout was a really tough one, and wore me out.  The next day my lower legs felt horrible.  I wasn’t injured, but my legs were sore and tired.  It got a little better over time, but my legs just always felt a little more fatigued than usual.  I’m running much harder than I ever have before, and I’m experiencing lots of new things.  I have some serious goals in mind and I’m training really hard to reach them.  Enter the compression socks…

These socks are amazing.  I’ve been putting them on immediately after running workouts and time trials.  I wear them around the house.  I even thought about sleeping in them.  Haven’t gone that far yet.  My legs feel great, but more importantly I’m convinced that I’m  recovering much faster than I was before.  This is just about as cool as when I started POSE running drills and all my heel pain and shin splints went away!  So far I’m addicted to these things.

Along with the compression socks I also got some ankle socks to run in.  These are pretty nice as well.  I’ve been on two runs in them so far.  The biggest thing about socks (to me) as they relate to running is blisters.  I hate blisters.  Blisters can really ruin a long run.  These will need more testing, but so far no chafing or blisters.  I’ve always ran in SmartWool socks because they have been the best with handling wet conditions, comfort, and blisters.  I like these SwiftWick socks though because so far it’s like they aren’t even there.  I can’t wait to see how they handle the water.

Anyway, obviously there will be more articles to come, but so far I am impressed enough to make SwiftWick the first brand on my new “Brands I Love” section of the sidebar!