2.0 miles to the church and back.

3.6 miles to the track and back.

5.8 miles from track to track.

More days than not, I have been choosing to waddle one of these distances since the whole quarantine thing began. I like it. It’s a different feeling.

When I run, I make it a point to wave at every passing car. Even if they almost clip me because they are looking at their phone or simply don’t like having creepy, bearded people with oversized heads running on their roads, I wave at all of them- no exceptions.

It seems as if more people are more willing to make a respectful gesture of moving to the other lane to give me as much road as possible since the Covid crises. Maybe I am making this up but I don’t think I am. I want to believe that there is a degree of empathy at play. I would like to think that there is a feeling of solidarity (if I am using the term appropriately) and a belief that we will all get through this together.

This morning, on my run, I could hear a car approaching from behind and I could see another car approaching from the front. Knowing that 2 cars passing each other on the road would leave for minimal space, I decided to step off the road and wait for the two cars to pass. At that time, the car behind me decided to pull off and wait for me and the car in front to pass. At the very same time,  the car in front decided to pull off and wait for myself and the car behind to pass. It was a stalemate. It was a moment. I was encouraged.

We all three looked at each other, gave a little laugh and we all cautiously moved along in our intended direction.

We all moved forward with caution but with respect and appreciation for one another. I guess it can be done.

I believe that the three of us were having a moment of empathy that allowed them to maybe see me as a guy who was going through God-knows-what and trying to exercise off some of the crazy while I viewed each person in the vehicles as someone that could be experiencing any amount of problems and just wanted to display a bit of patience as if it was a gift.

Maybe, it was a coincidence but I think not. It seemed like maybe people were being, dare I say,….courteous?



I feel like changes are in the near future.

I believe that many of them will be positive.


Peace, Love and all things Beef related,