Another awesome day!  I am loving this program! First up, Squats!

A1: Back Squat 4RM; 4 x 4 @ 90%

Worked up to a 240 4 Rep Max first.  Not as heavy as I would have liked, but still pretty good.  Then did 4 x 4 @ 215lbs.


5 Rounds:

  • 12 Overhead Squats (115#)
  • 10 CTB Pullups

Scaled the OH Squats down to 95lbs.  I just wouldn’t have been able to finish this WOD with 115lbs.  Still I hammered out the 95lb squats pretty well.  Not unbroken, but got 8 in a row on all of the rounds and 10 on the 5th round.  Pullups were pretty good.  Not great, but good.  Tonight we have 400’s to run!

4 x 400m Run; 1 min break

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