It was July 4th and we had some work to do. As Pedro and I rolled down highway 78, we looked ahead and saw the pop-up thunderstorm rapidly approaching. We had not prepared for rain, as there was only a minimal chance predicted later on in the day.

This was about to suck, badly.

I love a good thunderstorm, but I love them only when it is convenient for me. I prefer to be at home, under the covers, with a tub of ice cream, and a Netflix documentary playing in the background. When the weather doesn’t co-operate with my schedule, I get pissy and whiny. When I get pissy and whiny, I create my own thunderstorm.

As I pulled the truck over into the gas station and found cover for our fertilizer, so as not to get wet from the storm, I took note of Pedro’s consistently calm demeanor. I began to take inventory of the feeling produced by the thought of the storm, and compared it to the feelings that I produce when I am spotted.

How often do my children see me approach them like an unexpected storm?

On what occasions do I come home and bring Amanda a box of rain?

How many times have I entered the gym, the workplace, or the restaurant, and produced a roaring tornado?

We all have climates, seasons, and weather patterns which are susceptible to change, but it also seems that there is some consistency to each of us. Pedro is usually a mild seventy eight degrees with a gentle wind, a few clouds, and a degree of sunshine. He has some rainy days, windy afternoons, and has produced a few tornado’s with softball sized hail, but generally speaking, he has an outstanding climate.

My climate?

Well, it ranges from tropical to whatever it is in Siberia.

We all know that person who consistently brings clouds, showers, and heavy winds- the complaining, the arguing, the perpetual dissatisfaction. It starts when they enter the room, and it doesn’t stop until they leave. We are also familiar with the folks who tend to make clear skies and sunshine their constant companion- the pleasant disposition, the energy, and their overall positivity. It’s a feeling that rides in tandem with each of us. I think it’s important to be aware of the weather patterns produced not only by ourselves, but the people around us.

Be aware. Bring nice weather when you can. Always carry an umbrella, cause you never know who you are going to see. Be cautious of the system you carry alongside you cause….

…people generally won’t tell you if your known as a Hurricane.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,