I am angry already. I hate studying. I don’t even have anything I need to study, but just the topic pisses me off. The simple thought of being told what and when I need to learn something disgusts me.

I love to learn. I am continually becoming interested in new avenues, new hobbies, new possibilities which I want to explore. I enjoy the process of figuring out the lingo as well as the workflow; learning the micro-steps as I progress down the line of mastery. I am fascinated by the new worlds that open up when I explore new interests. However, I hate studying. I think it is because I associate the term “studying” with “somebody telling me what I should do”.

I guess, if the truth be told, I enjoy studying, but I enjoy studying what I want to learn, and have a disdain for learning what society tells me that I need to learn. I especially loathe being told how I should go about learning it. After all, it is my life that I am perpetually trying to flush down the toilet, I should be allowed to twist the handle whenever I please. I will call you when I need the plunger, thank you very much.

I can go from uninterested to obsessed with just a thought.

Obsession is a character trait that has both plagued and enriched my life, throughout. I can pass by the same piece of junkyard equipment each day for years, suddenly decide that I want to get it running, and become consumed with only this task. Nothing else is of any importance and my whole existence hinges upon it.  I can look at the same area of my business everyday for a decade and be completely uninterested. Suddenly, I get a thought, and the only thing of any importance is this particular metric and the improvement of it.

The fact of the matter is this: all progress requires knowledge, and all knowledge requires studying in some form, whether it be my head in a book, or my eyes on an object. Life is a hands-on project which requires concentration, innovation, and working around expectations and self-imposed limitations.

My mantra for today is this:

Make it interesting.

Demand that the tasks in front of me stir desire. Whatever meaningless and mundane tasks I have to perform, find a way to make them something greater; find a way to do them better.

Reduce the keystrokes, by one, while creating an invoice. Cut the corners, while rolling out the trash, to save a few steps. Open all the envelopes before sorting through the bills. There are ways to spice up the monotony. There are quantifiable areas of improvement in the tedious and tiresome tasks.

My job is to make everything interesting and learn more in the process. My task is to move forward. My assignment is to study.

If I want to learn more and do better, I should always be studying.

There is nothing worse than boredom, even studying beats boredom.

Learn something new today.

Make it all interesting.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,