1.extraordinarily good; wonderful.

If I’m not working as hard as I can to getting towards supercalifragilisticexpialidosious, you might as well send me back to the mental hospital.

Doing decent doesn’t do it for me.




“Pretty good.”

“Not bad.”

That simply won’t do. Just “getting by” is basically the early stages of my depression. There is no holding pattern for someone with my characteristics. I cannot be doing decent for any period of time- I must be trying to get a little better. I require challenges, hobbies, communities, events, goals, and exercises. I cannot accept a stagnant life. Stagnancy is boring and boring is frustrating and frustrating is depressing and depressing is one step closer to the end.

I will not accept a life with not enough sleep. When I get 8-hours of sleep my life is wonderful; when I don’t it’s not. I can try to convince you that when I am not well-rested it is because I am too busy, but the truth is I sometimes do a terrible job of time management, of exercising assertion when it comes to saying “No”, and I don’t prioritize very well, but the only thing needed for eight hours of sleep is….8 hours and a place to sleep. I will spare you the fictional drama and self-induced chaos about how busy my life is and how hard I work which doesn’t allow me adequate sleep. (If I have time to complain about how busy I am on social media…I ain’t really that busy.)

I am excited about my life, I am excited about my job, I am excited about the LHRL® Community. I was excited about all of these things and they made me feel like today was going to be “Pretty Good”. However, “Pretty Good” isn’t gonna work so I decided to work an old vehicle and see if I can get it running….cause nothing feels better than inducing a little air into a hole with some fire in it and making it go “Boom”.

Work through the bad, keep moving through the depression, don’t stop at decent, and don’t quit until supercalifagilisticexpialidocious.

We deserve better than decent.

Work towards happiness at all costs.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,