I have lived in my home for over fifteen years and I don’t know what any of the light switches do. Most of the electrical panels have two or more switches on them and I cannot identify what one switch does versus the other. When I walk into a room and need a light turned on, I locate the nearest panel and I turn up every switch.

Not everyone approaches things this way. Yes, there is some benefit to knowing the function of each individual switch but I haven’t felt it necessary to put any bandwidth into trying to memorize which one does what. When I walk into a room, they all go up; when I leave, they all go down (sometimes…but not really. Sorry Amanda.)

I am a switch flipper, a dart thrower, and risk taker. I do things because I want “a” result not “the” result. I perform specific actions to see effect. Depending on the effect of a specific action, I will refine my approach and take another stab. I want to see action. I have no hypothesis. I only have curiosity and eagerness. Is this a good approach? Probably not, but it beats the hell out of sitting back and watching everyone else blow stuff up.

I am always flipping switches. If I stop to research the function of every switch, it is a sure sign that I am procrastinating on moving forward. I do not operate like that.

Some people are calculated- they do their research ahead of time and learn everything that they can before moving forward. Some people just throw everything that they have into a pile and take their next step based on where everything lands. Sadly, most of us sit back and wonder what would happen if we were ever brave enough to flip the switch, while never taking any action at all.

I need switches to flip. I need things to happen. I don’t need to know exactly what is going to happen but I need action. A day without flipping the switch is a day of monotony and a feeling of malaise. If I know what is on the other end of every switch I flip, I have become too comfortable and my growth has stopped.

Life is too short to sit back and wonder what would happen if you press the button and flip the switch.

Take some chances.

Press the button.

Flip the switch.

Light fuse, get away.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,