It’s hard for me to comprehend that the world doesn’t always see things exactly like I do.

My wife, Amanda, is seven years younger than I am (even though I look sixty and she looks twenty). One day, as we were waiting in line to pick the kids up from school, I made reference to Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher Video”. Would you believe, she had never seen it?!!

I could not believe that there was a soul in this universe who is unfortunate enough to have not seen Hot for Teacher. I made sure to change that. Right there in the school line, I pulled up the Youtube video. She was unimpressed.

But anyway…

When people don’t see things the way that I see them, I have to remember that not everyone got to see Michael Jackson moonwalk on Motown in 1983.

When folks don’t believe what I believe, I have to be reminded that maybe they never saw The Refrigerator Perry run fullback from the 2-yard line.

When individuals feel differently than I do about certain situations, I have to be aware that there is a chance that maybe they did not have the privilege of watching…

Ozzie Smith flip onto the field on opening day,


Hulk Hogan bodyslam Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3,


Andre Turner throwing an alley-oop to William Bedford after the opening tip of Dana Kirk’s Memphis State Tiger games,


listened to the License to Ill album for the very first time,


listened to Lars Ulrich slap the base petals in Metallica’s “One” just after it was released,


watch the Boz come on the field with a new haircut and fresh paint.

People have had different experiences, each one making them see things just a little bit differently. It is easier if I can accept this fact. It is better if I just appreciate the things that I have seen. Because I need to remember…

if they did not see Tawny Kitaen dance on the hood of Whitesnake’s car, they have not see what I have seen and they do not know the things that I know.

Have a great day.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,


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