ted hannah

26 marathon/ultra distances (up to 40 miles)

Marathon PR 3:42 Mercedes Marathon 2010 (this is my most recent marathon, also)

5k PR 21:30 Shake and Bake 2005

Strolling Jim PR 40 mile 7:21 2002

Oak Mtn 50k PR 6:31 2003

Lifts (current/same as 1RM PR)

Dead 330

Bench 230

Overhead Press 135

Back Squat 270

Front squat 150


Goal is to hit 400 on deadlift and still be able to finish toward the middle in a 50K (and run several of them). I work all the lifts equally hard, but deadlift is my personal favorite. For 26 weeks I’ve been doing Jim Wendler’s 5,3,1 program and have been progressing nicely. Also do some Crossfit inspired conditioning to fill in (although I’m not a member of a box). This includes sandbag training, sled pull, tire flip, box jumps, wall ball, sledgehammer training, etc. I run about 20 mpw but will up that to about 30 if I can handle it with the strength training.