Thank You! | Lift Heavy Run Long


I am sitting in my hotel room in Downtown Memphis the night before the St. Jude Marathon.  When I signed up as a “Gold” Hero to raise $2500.00 I had no idea that this is what they meant when they told me I would get 2 nights at a Downtown Hotel.  Look at that view!  I’m literally staying right next to the starting line.  This is amazing.  It has been a pretty crazy day, but I wanted to stop and take a minute to thank everyone that donated to my campaign.  This has been a life changing experience, and you have helped me do something awesome!  To everyone that bought a T-shirt or tank top, I thank you.  (There is still a shipment of shirts and tanks that will be coming in VERY soon.  Sorry about that).  I’d also like to thank all of my other donors:

  • Gayl Baker
  • Scott Hollis
  • Jon Sachse
  • Scott Hollis
  • Frank and Darlene Lawrence
  • Bill Shea
  • Jim and Anne Ralls
  • Wilson Horrell
  • William Darby
  • Steve P.
  • Billie McKeehan
  • Bill and Ginny Skinner
  • Jeff Dowdy
  • Cori Skinner
  • Matt Reynolds
  • Denis and Debby Daurer
  • Valerie Hunt
  • Jay Ralls
  • Ted Hannah
  • Drew Skinner
  • April Williams
  • John Kelley and Family
  • Gina McNally
  • Bill and Trisha Clariana
  • Holly Ralls
  • Daniel Cline
  • Amanda Drogmiller
  • All of the Anonymous donors!

As always you never know how a race like this will go.  I’m just going to go out there and enjoy it.  Thanks again to everyone that helped me, and I’ll hopefully post a race report very soon.