Brad Montgomery at the St. Jude Marathon!

A while back a friend of mine, Brad (Guy in the picture),  came to me about 4 weeks out from 26.2 miles and said he didn’t feel like he was really trained for it.  He had been pretty sick, and hadn’t really trained for a couple of months.  He wasn’t planning on backing out.  He was going to try to run the race even if it took him a longer time than he wanted.  My wheels started turning immediately.  I told him that if he could do some basic barbell movements (Squat, Deadlift, Press, etc.) that I could write him an aggressive 4 week program to whip him back into shape.  He’d have to stick to it though.  He did indeed, and 4 weeks later he completed his first Marathon with an awesome time especially for a first Marathon.  Here’s what Brad says about it:

I’d been sick for a month, and I’d stopped training for two. Von worked with me to create a 4-week schedule designed to get me back to marathon shape. Not only did he succeed, but I finished my first marathon in 4:35 and felt great afterwards.

Not only did he finish with a great time, he “felt great afterwards.”  That’s definitely something to be happy about.

I was thinking about Brad the other day, and decided that there were probably a lot of other people out there that could benefit from a similar program.  If you have been following me for any amount of time, you know that I do most of my training in a CrossFit gym.  Not everyone has access to a gym like that though.  Some people just have a regular old gym membership and aren’t really sure what they need to be doing when they get there.

I decided to take Brad’s 4 Week program and make a product out of it.  I modified it to include “Advanced Runners” as well as “Intermediate Runners” so that someone that didn’t want to run longer distances could do the program and see a ton of success.  You don’t need a ton of equipment for this program.  All you really need is a barbell with weights and a place to squat, deadlift and/or press.  So, if you’re interested, head on over to the shop and get you a copy!