Guess who’s in the 400lb 50 Mile club?  I am!!  BOOM!  So today I announce the official 400lbs./50 Mile Club.  That’s right, I made up a club.  An elite club, and I make the rules!  To get in all you have to do is Deadlift 400 Pounds (or more) and Run 50 Miles.    It doesn’t even have to be on the same day.  Just do it.  I’m thinking about making stickers and  badges for your blog/website or something.  So who’s in?  Do you know someone that needs to be in this elite club?  Tell them to come check out the LHRL site.  I’m  going to do an athlete page with bios and stuff so I need some fellow strong runners to join me.  Obviously there is a 400lbs./100 Mile club, but I’m not in that one (yet).  Also, I need to know what is the milestone weight for women?  300/50 Miles or just keep it at 400?

Anyway, today I got my 400 lb. deadlift and it was SWEET!!  So sweet that I think I could have gotten more, but I was too excited to think about going again.  Check out the video (thanks to Doug Larson @ The Technique WOD for filming):

That’s a 35 lb. PR.  Haven’t maxed this lift since February.  Also got a 10 lb. PR on the Overhead Press @ 145lbs.  It was a good day.