Mood/Reflections/Rambling: Today is Father’s Day! I haven’t done too much today. I had to get the yard mowed early because it’s supposed to rain tonight and the rest of the week I think. Mood is pretty good and positive. It was nice to spend a day hanging out with my family. My parents recently moved to a new house so we drove out there to see their new place and say hey to my dad, “Papa.” My Dad has always been able to fix anything. I swear there was never a time growing up when he called someone else to come fix something that had broken. I’m trying my best to learn some of that mojo for myself. He’s taught me a lot when stuff breaks around my house. He will tell me what I need to do and usually we can figure it out. Here’s a picture of us when we went to Germany for my 30th birthday. We were at “The Eagles Nest

Training: Nope. Didn’t do a thing. Not a rest day, just hanging out. Talk to you tomorrow.

-The Rev