Mood/Reflections/Rambling: I stayed home with the kids today. Luckily I sometimes have that option with my work. My Son had a basketball tournament all day so it was just me and my little one. When I work I like to take walking breaks every hour or so. It keeps my flow going. So we got a few good little walks around the block today. I’m feeling really good. I am thinking about getting after a workout at the gym tomorrow. Something without pressing or hanging from a bar of course. I get to coach the early classes at Olive Branch CrossFit tomorrow so I’m going to try to get up early and get there in time to knock something out.

I was on a podcast this week! It’s called the “Up Before You” podcast. I’ve only gotten to be a guest on 3 total podcasts in the past. I think it’s fun to do it when I get the opportunity. I always think I’m going to be a lame guest but once I get on a roll I always enjoy it. Take a listen to this one and see what you think (click the image below):

Seriously, listen to it. I felt like it was a good conversation. I’m in such an great and also odd place mentally that it’s interesting to hear myself talk to someone else about fitness and whatever else.

Training: I ran 3 miles this morning. That’s it. A while back I was trying to run 30 minutes a day because it’s so helpful to clear my head. It’s a lot like meditating in a way. If I can fit in a 30 minute jog every day it feels so good. I just love it. I’m really looking forward to training tomorrow and pushing a little bit harder. I’m being very careful about pushing hard every day. Yesterday I felt like I tried pretty hard on the 4 miler and so I backed it down and just did 3 today.

Go do something awesome!

-The Rev