It is said that when baby elephants are trained, they are staked to the ground with a metal rod and a chain. The elephant will struggle to break free from the chain for only a matter of days before it gives up and accepts that the chain has control over him. Even after the elephant is fully grown and capable of pulling a thousand stakes from the ground, the elephant will hold itself captive to the belief system that it has conditioned himself to believe to be true. The belief system of the elephant is so strong that even if the habitat around him catches fire, he will burn where he stands rather than try to break free. The massive growth which has occurred in every area of the elephant’s life is not enough to overcome what was instilled in him for only a matter of days when he was very young.

Yesterday, as I was working, I came across a dog. It was the same dog I have come across for years. The dog was tied to a tree in the front yard. As I walked past the canine he excitedly barked, wagged, and lunged….over and over, and over again. This dog, much like the elephant, seemed to have a belief system as well. However, the dog’s belief was much more optimistic. It would not accept the idea of boundaries. The dog appeared to be confident that there was another way. It seemed excited about the prospect of broadening it’s reach and reaching past the limitations which life was seemingly placing upon him.

I like the dog’s style.

Sure, I understand that belief systems can keep you grounded and safe. I also understand that I’m probably projecting logic onto animals that don’t have that ability. However, I also know that I am guilty of placing limitations on myself because of how society has conditioned me to believe. Even worse, I place limitations on myself based on an internal dialogue which is formed through fear, uncertainty, and insecurity.

I am not suggesting that you live like an elephant or a dog, but I am saying that if I find myself on a leash, and things are holding me back, I am going to run and lunge as many times as it takes until I break free and see what kind of fun is waiting on me. There is an entire world out there, and I have experienced very little of it.

Have some fun today.

Take a few steps back, get a deep breath, hunker down, and haul ass…there might not be a chain there after all.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,