We saw The Last Jedi this weekend.

It was pretty good stuff.

They use “The Force” a lot, which is to be expected. Everyone loves “The Force”. What kid (or adult) hasn’t extended all five fingers towards an inanimate object and attempted to bring it towards them or make it behave a certain way? We all wish that life was as easy as closing one eye, furrowing your brow and shaking your hand to get the desired results. If I could use the force to get my remote control to fall into my lap instead of having to lean my fatass over the coffee table, I would do it one-hundred percent of the time.

Whether “The Force” is used to move heavy boulders, slay the enemy, or bring about whatever the desired effect, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of reality that we all possess “The Force” to some extent.

I believe that The Force is nothing more than persistence, accelerated.

I see people all the time who seem to have used mind control to bring about their desired results. It is not right away and I don’t see things levitate in mid-air, but I have seen the universe slowly and methodically align itself in favor of the patient and persistent individual. Persistence is seldom the wrong option if there is a goal to be achieved.

My problem is that I usually stop squinting, winking, and furrowing my brow just before the world begins pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down. I think if I use just bit a more “Try” than my “Force” will yield greater results.

I’m pretty sure that Yoda said something to that effect and he was a pretty smart little fella.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,