I didn’t see the moon last night.

Does it even exist anymore?

It has been a few nights since I have paid any attention to the moon. I love to gaze at it when it is full, and it lights up the night sky. I appreciate the moon for all of the things I am told it provides;  the tides, the seasons, the consistency of climate, the balance of rotation of the earth on its axis, and the activity of many animals underneath the cover of night.

I didn’t see the moon last night, but I have no doubt it was there. It is always there. It has always been there. I don’t have to worry about the moon doing its job. The moon is always working as the moon does. It’s the moon.

I wonder why my faith in God is not as strong or consistent as my faith in the moon. I see both of them clearly in my life, especially when I stop long enough to look. Much like the moon, I rely on God to do specific things each day.

I can’t see the tides each day, but I assume that the moon is controlling them. I don’t see the earth twist on it’s axis, but I assume that it is in perfect harmony with the moon. I cannot physically see the moon each night, but I have faith that it is there.

I don’t cry out that the moon has foresaken me, nor do I wonder if it really even exists. I do not lay awake at night and stress about whether or not the moon will do what the moon does. No, I have faith that it will. It always does. I have seen it work. I have been shown everything I need to see about the moon to convince me that it is real and presently working in my life.

So, after seeing God work so miraculously, so often, and so consistently, why am I so quick to doubt his existence? Why do I not seem to doubt him when things are going my way? Why is it, that my lack of faith only comes when I have problems?

Seems pretty selfish.

If I have faith that the moon is working, the tides are changing, and the earth is spinning, then it is a pretty good indication that God is probably working as well.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,