I stole this. Like a straight up G, I ganked it. I flat out, went to another man’s Facebook wall, hit “copy”, bounced over here and pressed “paste”. The gentleman that wrote this is named Kurt Mullican. Kurt has no idea who I am. If I ran up and kicked him square in the nuts, he would have no idea who to come looking for (but I won’t, because I value life…and I run really, really slow.)

Anyways, Kurt is a host on arguably the best fitness podcast in the country, Barbell Shrugged. I am not really into following strict nutrition advice or regimented programming, because, honestly, I am just too lazy and undisciplined. But, I like the guys on the show, because I think that they are real people, who truly give a sh*t about their message and the well-being of others.

I came across this post on Kurt’s wall earlier this week, and I have found myself re-visiting it numerous times. I love the message. I love the reality of it, and I love the perspective. This is from a guy who knows, first hand, what it is like to achieve a different look or different level of strength, only to find that people don’t love your look or your strength. They love your “you”.

Get a read. It’s worth it. Kurt, sorry for stealing your stuff. It needs to be seen. People deserve this sort of truth.

“It just now dawned on me that people will buy a supplement because someone bigger, faster, leaner or stronger than themselves might take that supplement.

After that container is empty, and when you aren’t like the athlete or entertainer seen in the ad, you will keep on buying it and other things in an endless cycle that leaves you feeling much like the last container (and possibly your wallet). Empty. Or maybe you made it!! Maybe now you’re huge and shredded or strong after a year or two. Then you look around and see that all the attention you got came and went, and after the storm settled, the only ones left standing by you already loved you in the first place, but you can’t see it because you’re looking for the likes and the cheers. There’s that empty feeling again.

Learn to do things through self love. Be nice to yourself. Eat things you believe your body would appreciate, and supplement the same way. Don’t do it because someone else does it or to look a certain way so you can appeal to others. Do it for you, and keep on, even when it’s hard -and you’ll find that it becomes habit, like anything. You’ll find good choices are easy to make when you’re being nice to yourself, and the results you wanted all along will come in time, and during that time you will be at peace.

Love you homies.

PS: make one effort to do something or make a choice out of self love. Add to that over time until you’re so warm and fuzzy you just love everyone.”

—Kurt Mullican

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,


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